See Club Diary 2016.


Club members who wish to camp on the site at times other than during the 3 annual fly-ins must camp on the grassed area adjacent to the large metal container. During events (fly-ins) camping is permitted from the preceding Wednesday until the following Monday.

Your club committee has decided that, rather than membership cards, we will have a metal badge bearing the individual member’s name and the club logo. The reasons for this change are: to reduce the administrative burden of having to produce cards on an annual basis; to prevent non-members from using the site; and to encourage members to get to know each other by name. The badges can be obtained from Vic Greenwood (Mobile No: 07868855650). Subject to weather conditions being suitable for flying, Vic will be on-site on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am until 2pm when you will be able to collect your badge. It is not compulsory for you to wear your badge; however, like the membership card, it should be carried with you when visiting the site. That said, members are requested to wear it during fly-ins/public events.

Please report to the police!

If you see any illegal activities in the lane leading to our field, please telephone the police right away by dialling 101 (the police non-emergency number). They have shown a particular interest in illegal activities there and promise us they will react.

Additionally, they have asked for data on registration numbers of vehicles parked in the lane. It would help if we make a note of such registration numbers…More…

MULTI-ROTORS – Incidents

BMFA members who fly at Ashdown Forest are concerned that the licence to fly there may be revoked because of the increasing number of people who are flying multi-rotors over the forest, impacting on the enjoyment of others who use the forest.  To avoid problems at our site, HMFC will insist that anyone wanting to fly multi-rotors must possess an A or B Cert (Fixed-or Rotor-Wing), and they will be encouraged to take the BMFA test to gain the new A Cert (Multi-rotor) by April 2016.